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PianoDisc Prodigy II


What is Prodigy II ?

Prodigy II is the pinnacle of player piano excellence, blending top-quality piano performances and advanced technology for a simple, streamlined experience just for you. This sophisticated player piano recreates and plays back the masterful performances of the world’s top musicians on your piano.

Two Chips, One Harmony

Introducing the new Performance and Connection Chips: revolutionary, dedicated processors for the Prodigy II that elevate the capabilities of your piano

Expanded dynamics and emotional expression
Realistic Key Release
Improved Softer Playback
Seamless management of high-fidelity audio
Rock-Solid Connection with your Piano and Apple Devices
Auto-Connects to your device

Yours To Control

Control your piano with just the simple touch of a button. Prodigy II lets you easily play your piano by using a dedicated iPad or smart device.

The PianoDisc Difference

PianoDisc’s cutting-edge technology, SilentDrive HD 5 utilizes patented electro-mechanical solenoids for precise control of piano key movement, velocity, and duration, providing 1,024 levels of expression. The result is a more fluid and lifelike reproduction of the original performance, filled with expression, feeling, and emotion.

Photo by Jimmy Ienner, Jr.

“When I purchased a wonderful Bösendorfer grand piano for my new studio, I knew I wanted to outfit it with the best MIDI playback system I could find so the piano could be used for both arrangements and recordings. The Silent Drive HD system quickly became the top choice and I’ve been very pleased with its performance.”

DANNY ELFMAN - Hollywood Film Composer


Harnessing enhanced processing power, Prodigy II seamlessly unlocks the complete dynamic spectrum of your piano, enabling the most delicate, near-whisper tones to be gracefully expressed.

Auto-Connect to Your Piano
Experience the future of music at your fingertips as Prodigy II seamlessly auto-connects to your Apple device using Bluetooth Audio, redefining convenience and creativity in the world of music.

With a new built-in SD card slot, you can insert an SD card and have your piano instantly play music for hours.

Install Onto Virtually Any Piano