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Why Install a Stage Truck ?
Grands weigh between 290 and 600KG and that is a lot of weight per square mm to have on a small castor, it cause a lot of deterioration to the floor and Tuning when trying to move the piano.

Grands have wooden legs with no reinforcing, so if there is too much friction like carpet or a rough wooden or concrete floor the leg will be Stressed

It can be noticed that the whole piano will shake whilst being moved, this will upset the Tuning and eventually weaken the legs. Many Grands have snapped off a leg whilst being moved!

With Workplace Health and Safety issues and Public Liability problems it is wise to make the piano safe for one person to move without risk of a leg collapsing or injury to any person from moving too much weight.

The "Gilchristafori Stage Truck" when fitted will help to preserve the Pianos Tune, as it has bigger wheels and the "Outrigger design" creates a form of suspension that cushions the piano from the jarring that normally occurs when moving it..

The unique design does not alter the Keyboard or Pedal height.
Bond & Davies can provide a fitting service if required.

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