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Yamaha S6 Grand Piano

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S6 Series

S Series Grand Piano

Superbly handcrafted instruments of singular eloquence.

Individually assembled in the Yamaha concert grand workshop, Yamaha S6 (and S4), grand pianos are conceived and crafted to gratify the most discerning professionals. Recently redesigned to incorporate the latest Yamaha advances, they proudly reflect the pinnacle of piano-making expertise and the apex of artistry by those who play them.

NEW S Series Enhancements:

  • New bridge materials deliver warmer, richer tones and extended resonance.
  • Refinements in the specifications of copper-wound strings generate purer, more perfectly pitched and harmonious bass tones.
  • Heavy-duty double casters, like those of the concert grand, offer improved mobility.
  • Aesthetic refinements including redesigned legs, music desk and lyre, and beautiful new plate and inner rim surface finishes, provide a distinctively elegant appearance.
  • A new lip prop safety stop guards against insecure prop positioning.
Length 212 cm
Height 102 cm
Width 154 cm
Weight 390 kg

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