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Features of the C series explained!

The elite assembly of Yamaha C Series grand pianos has always been recognised for their pure, rich tonality and exceptional range of emotional expression. With the redesign and incorporation of numerous new advancements, these instruments of superior clarity, responsiveness and expressive control are sought after by established and emerging pianists at all levels.

Major features on the New ?C? range:

  • In an attempt to encourage standardisation, the model number ?L? does not appear on the frame.
  • Refinements in copper-wound string specifications deliver purer, more perfectly pitched and harmonious bass. It also eliminates the ringing that can appear in certain rooms.
  • New barrel-shaped treble hammer shanks improve tonal response.
  • Bridges crafted from more finely grained woods provide superior sound transmission.
  • New rim specifications optimize strength, stability and resonance.
  • Increased regulation time in the factory enabling more-focused tuning, voicing and regulation, resulting in more stability.
  • Soundboard classification is different, with higher-grade materials being used.
  • Environmentally friendly material employed in the finish of all the pianos and, lead free coating used on the soundboard.

Consumers can easily identify the new ?L? model grand piano. Unlike the former series, the new lines of grand pianos have soft close fallboards, and new lid prop stops to protect against injury or damage.

Additionally, a golden matte finish on the iron plates as opposed to the former metallic finish offers further distinction of the new range.

C Series Range
Length 161 cm 173 cm 186 cm 200 cm 227 cm
Height 101 cm 101 cm 101 cm 101 cm 102 cm
Width 149 cm 149 cm 149 cm 149 cm 149 cm
Weight 287 kg 287 kg 317 kg 353 kg 409 kg

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