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QLX22 Second Tier


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Model:  QLX-22       Detail For:   Double-Brace "X" with Fully Adjustable Second Tier
Specifications: Front to back leg depth: 19.9" - 50.5cm
Front to back tier depth: 15.5" - 39.4cm
Top to bottom height positions : 37.4" (95cm), 34.5" (87.6cm), 30.7" (78cm), 26.3" (66.8cm)
Side to side width : 17.1" (43.5cm), 22.3" (56.7cm), 27" (68.6cm), 31.2" (79.2cm)
Top to bottom 2nd tier height positions measured from top of first tier to top of 2nd tier:
10.6" (27cm), 9.4" (24cm), 8.25" (21cm), 7" (18cm), 5.9" (15cm)
Second tier angles: 90º, 80,º, 70º, 60º
Folded height: 40.5" - 102.2cm
Weight capacity: 200lb - 90kg
Weight: 16.2lb - 7.3kg
Brace tube size: 30mm x 15mm (x2)
Tier tube size: 30mm
Options: QLX-4, QLX-5

  • The QLX-22 features a new, patent-pending locking system that represents a major improvement in "X" stand design - QLX RECALL. By integrating the "Original" Quik-Lok locking disc concept, this new design features two very useful modes of operation:
    Recall Mode allows the user to choose one of four height positions as a preset and have the stand return to that height every time the stand is opened. Simply lock the POSITION PIN in the "A" (highest), "B", "C" or "D" (lowest) hole and the stand "recalls" to the desired height.
    Transport Mode enables the stand to be locked closed to prevent it from opening accidentally. When the stand is folded, move the POSITION PIN to the "T" hole. The stand is now firmly locked in the closed position.
    More about the QLX-22
  • Adjustment markers help locate any one of 4 height positions
  • Offset tiers allow for more leg room
  • Leveling foot and rest pad compensates for uneven floors and keyboards
  • Clips for cable management included
  • Complete selection of add-on options available
  • Computer auto-mated welding guarantees consistent high quality
  • Second tier is tilt, height and width adjustable
    Note - Cannot be converted to three-tier stand

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